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Stylish Bookshelf Speakers


Stylish Bookshelf Speakers

  • Audio inputs: Line In 1, Line In 2
  • 1-inch(25mm) tweeter
  • 4-inch(116mm) mid-bass driver
  • 21W+21W RMS power output

Digital Chip and Powerful Tweeter

These speakers feature a TI PCM9211 digital decoding chip that accurately reproduces the source audio. The built-in tweeter is no less than 25 mm.


Built-in Class-D amplifier with 21W+21W RMS power output. Classic acoustic configuration with 1-inch(25mm) tweeter and 4-inch(116mm) mid-bass driver.

Easy Operation

The right side panel features the bass, treble, and volume controls. Of course, an IR remote control is also included.

Unique Style

The beautiful wooden side panels of the R1380T bookshelf speakers make an impression, an example of elegance and luxury.

Built-in Sound Adapter,
Simple Connection

To connect the M260 to the computer, a single USB cable is enough to play music and charge the speaker at the same time. No need for multiple cables or hassles at all.

Classic Acoustics Structure,
Unbelievable Punchy Bass

For M260, the classic 2.1 acoustic structure is applied into its small size. Three driver units can fully deliver the details of high, mid and low frequency sound.

High Power, Strong Wave

Not limited by the small size, M260's sound quality is redefined by two 4W tweeters with a12W woofer, filling every inch of home with the shocking music.

Digital Audio, Efficient Driver

The IC integrated with Bluetooth and main control completes frequency division and dynamic management, combined with TI's TAS5711 digital power amplifier to drive three loudspeaker units efficiently, keeping more music details with powerful sound.

User-friendly Control

The function buttons on the top of the speaker are quite easy to reach. They are made of environmentally friendly and odorless silicone; and the specially designed button feels light and comfortable when pressed.

Reliable Large Capacity Battery

The battery pack inside is composed of two 2600mAh lithium-ion batteries to provide sufficient energy for the speaker. The music can be continuously played for 7 hours* in daily use, and the power management system with overvoltage protection provides a guarantee for safe use.

*The playback time is related to the temperature, songs, and volume. The data listed is collected in the laboratory tests.


  • 1-inch (25mm)
Mid-bass Driver
  • 4-inch (116mm)
  • 21W+21W
  • 55Hz-20KHz
  • Line In 1, Line In 2
  • Line In1: 750±50mV Line In2: 550±50mV
  • ≥85dB(A)
  • ≤30dB(A)